PACK Fellowship Applications Accepted on an Ongoing Basis

PACK is a National Science Foundation funded international research fellowship opportunity for graduate students (US citizens or permanent residents only) to conduct research at University of Kiel, Germany. Applicants can be from any science or engineering discipline.

Interest forms and applications are now accepted year-round. If you would like to find out more about the PACK Fellowship, please submit an Interest Form and a member of the PACK team will contact you to discuss the opportunity.  Interested students will be matched with a mentor at U Kiel to discuss research opportunities, tasks, and milestones.  After these discussions, interested students can apply for the PACK Fellowship.  Applications are reviewed by a committee organized by The American Ceramic Society.  Candidates recommended by the review committee will then be interviewed by the research faculty participating in the program to make final selections.  Once the interviews are completed, accepted applicants will be notified.  Click here for more information.